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This Is My Last Dance

Tabea Martin & Simona Bertozzi

In «This Is My Last Dance», inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one-act play «Endgame», Tabea Martin explores the idea of our actual and imminent death. How will our bodies react? What anguish, what needs will suddenly arise when the end approaches? In the twilight hours of their last dance two women share an empty stage. Simultaneously partners and accomplices, rivals and mirrors to the other’s fear, they deliberate over existence and our ephemeral condition. One single obsession possesses them: how to go on living and stay hopeful when faced with the end that awaits us? From this painful question Tabea Martin and Simona Bertozzi have crafted a sombre and sensual duet out of fragments and silence and created a physical narrative in which humour is the antidote to fear and decline. «This Is My Last Dance» is the first part of a choreographic series that explores notions of death, mortality and the unknown.


Fr 8.2 The Collectif (c)ouverture invites you to an informal talk with the artists 20 min after the show.

Tabea Martin is a dancer and choreographer based in Basel and received her training in Amsterdam at the School of Fine Arts, the SNDO and the Rotterdamse Dansacademie. Her artistic approach places the human above any formal aesthetic consideration and regards dance as a place of possibility or a tool that may be used to interpret the world, better understand the environment that surrounds us and push our mental boundaries. She was awarded the Dance Prize (2016) from the Canton of Basel and also works for different theatres and operas. Her piece for young audiences «Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys» (2016) is currently on tour in Europe.

Concept Tabea Martin

Choreography and performance Tabea Martin, Simona Bertozzi

Dramaturgy Irina Müller, Moos van den Broek

Stage design Veronika Mutalova

Costumes Mirjam Egli, Anna Schnyder

Light design Simon Lichtenberger

Music Donath Weyeneth

Outside eye Sebastian Nübling

Choreografic Assistance Tamara Gvozdenovic

Production Management Larissa Bizer

Coproduction Kaserne Basel

Support PRAIRIE – the co-production support of Migros Culture-Percentage, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Ass. Cult. Nexus and MiBACT (Ministery for Culture and Tourism Italy).

A coproduction with the Programmers’ Fund of Reso – Dance Network Switzerland, supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. In the period 2018-2020, the Compagnie Tabea Martin receives subsidies as part of the cooperative funding agreement between Fachausschuss Tanz&Theater BS/BL and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.