Four European dance platforms in February 2024

February 2024 will be an exciting month for all dance enthusiasts. Three European Dance platforms are taking place across the continent presenting the most thrilling and interesting shows from different national dance scenes. Conveniently scheduled one after the other not only professionals, networkers and audiences from all over the world, regional or local will have the opportunity to experience the best of European Contemporary Dance. Travelling southbound from the far North the 2024 Festival schedule starts in Oslo, continues in Germany and ends in Switzerland.


Baltic Dance Platform

9 to 11 February in Riga



14 to 18 February 2024 in Oslo


Tanzplattform Deutschland

21 to 25 February 2024 in Freiburg


Swiss Dance Days

28 February to 3 March 2024 in Zurich


Baltic Dance Platform 2024 is taking place in Riga from 9 to 11 February 2024. For three days you will have a chance to experience a breeze of contemporary dance within three Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The artistic works of Baltic Dance Platform were selected by an international jury - the entire programme is on its way, but you can see selected artists on our website. Baltic Dance Platform is organized by Latvian Dance Information Centre, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre and Estonian theater and contemporary dance platform Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava. The registration for the Baltic Dance Platform 2024 is now open for dance professionals of dance houses, festival programmers, curators, producers, presenters, managers, critics, dance artists and other professionals in the field of dance! Closing day is 10 December 2023. Follow the Registration link for professionals.



ICE HOT Oslo 2024 is a Nordic dance art platform presenting both emerging and established names of Nordic contemporary dance and choreography to presenters, programmers, and other professionals from all over the world. It will take place in Oslo 14 to 18 February 2024. ICE HOT Oslo 2024 is an excellent networking event in a uniquely warm and cosy atmosphere. The aim is to increase international touring and other working opportunities of Nordic artists, and to help our communities to share ideas and connections. The program consists of 21 performances, 18 artist presentations, seminars and networking/social activities. ICE HOT Oslo will have the Arctic as a focus area and sustainability as a common thread.
Registration is open and deadline is 15 January 2024.

Contact: Project manager Kirre Arneberg |

Ice Hot Oslo 2024



From 21 to 25 February 2024, Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 will transform the city of Freiburg and the entire tri-border region into the hub of the German and international dance scene. Tanzplattform Deutschland is an outstanding discourse and presentation space for contemporary dance and performance in and from Germany - connecting artists, curators and journalists. It is taking place biennially each ime in another citiy - 2024 presenting a selection of the ten most remarkable positions from over 550 dance and performance productions. A varied supporting programme brings together critical international and local perspectives on dance in different formats and offers numerous opportunities for professional networking. 2024 is also a special year, as Tanzplattform Deutschland celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Accreditation starts 1 December 2023, ticket sale starts mid December 2023.
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The Swiss Dance Days are the most important promotion platform for Swiss dance and take place every two years in a different Swiss city. The next edition will take place in Zurich from 28 February to 3 March 2024. Over four days, 15 productions will be shown, selected by a jury of experts. The Swiss Dance Days are aimed at both the local public and a national and international audience of professionals. Professional attendees and programmers may register from December 2023 onwards, benefitting from reduced admission and accommodation at our partner hotel, which we are able to offer thanks to the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia.

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Swiss Dance Days 2024: Final Selection

We are delighted to announce the final selection for the 2024 Swiss Dance Days! Among 218 productions viewed, the jury has chosen 15 inspiring pieces reflecting the current diversity of contemporary Swiss creativity in dance. The Swiss Dance Days will take place from February 28 to March 3, 2024. The partner organizations – Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik, Gessnerallee, Neumarkt, Schauspielhaus, Tanzhaus Zürich, ZHdK and Reso – wish to thank the five jury members for their dedicated work: Joanna Lesnierowska, Laurence Perez, Emanuel Rosenberg, Simone Truong and Laurence Wagner.


Congratulations to the companies of the final selection:


- Elie Autin / Cie Les Bacchantes – Présage

- Alexandra Bachzetsis – 2020: Obscene

- Maud Blandel / ILKA – L'oeil nu

- Géraldine Chollet / Cie Rahu LaMo – Ouverture

- The Field / Rafał Pierzyński, Isabel Lewis – Scalable Skeletal Escalator

- Delgado Fuchs – DOS

- Mélissa Guex / Cie Sumo – Rapunzel

- Trajal Harrell / Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble – Monkey off my back or the Cat’s Meow

- Thomas Hauert / ZOO – Efeu

- Jeremy Nedd & Impilo Mapantsula – How a falling star lit up the purple sky

- Pierre Piton – Open/Closed

- Alessandro Schiattarella – Zer-Brech-Lich 

- Cindy Van Acker / Cie Greffe – Without references 

- Teresa Vittucci, Annina Machaz & Theater HORA – SACRE!

- Rebecca Weingartner – SOLIDARITY!


National and international presenters who are interested in the Swiss Dance Days can subscribe to our PRO newsletter in order to receive comprehensive information on the programme and how to participate. Please save the date!


Professional attendees and programmers may register for the Swiss Dance Days from December 2023 onwards, benefitting from reduced admission and accommodation at our partner Hotel, which we are able to offer thanks to the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia.

Joanna Lesnierowska, Laurence Perez, Simone Truong, Laurence Wagner, Emanuel Rosenberg ©Nelly Rodriguez

The Swiss Dance Days Association - consisting of representatives of the Zurich partner institutions Tanzhaus, Gessnerallee, Fabriktheater, Theater Neumarkt, Schauspielhaus and ZHdK - has chosen the five-member jury. The jury, which is responsible for the artistic programme of the Swiss Dance Days from 28th february to 3rd march 2024, consists of the following members:


Joanna Lesnierowska, curator Muzeum Susch, Graubünden/Grisons
Laurence Perez, curator, Marseille/Lausanne/Zürich
Emanuel Rosenberg, choreographer & festival director, Ticino
Simone Truong, choreographer, Zürich
Laurence Wagner, curator & director Festival Belluard Bollwerk, Fribourg


The jury already started its work and considers the following criteria in making its selection: Topicality and high artistic quality of the pieces; potential of the pieces for international dissemination; aesthetic, generational and regional diversity.

Swiss Dance Days 2024

Interested dance companies resident in Switzerland are invited to submit tour dates for eligible pieces to the jury.

New edition

After the Swiss Dance Days successfully took place in Basel this February – postponed by one year due to the pandemic – we now announce the next edition: it is scheduled to take place in Zurich from Feb. 28 to March 3, 2024, co-organized by Reso and the Zurich partner institutions Tanzhaus, Gessnerallee, Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik, Theater Neumarkt, Schauspielhaus and ZHdK. These have joined together in the Association Swiss Dance Days, which is also now responsible for electing the five-person jury. The jury members will be presented in November 2022.


Call for Submissions

All dance comapnies and choreographers resident in Switzerland, or with their main focus of activity here, are invited to submit their project dossier and a video link in the registrationlink and to submit tour dates for eligible pieces via our touringcalendar. Dance pieces which can be shown on tour and which premiered between February 2021 (!) and July 2023 at the latest are eligible. This means that pieces which could not be presented in Basel, due to the pandemic-related postponement of the Swiss Dance Days, are also eligible.

We invite all companies resident in Switzerland, or with their main focus of activity here, to submit their project dossier and video link via the following registrationlink. The submitted informations will be forwarded to the jury, so that the jury members can watch the pieces live or via video. Please only submit full-length videos; trailer videos will not be considered. There is no deadline. The link will remain open until the jury has finished its visioning work in July 2023.

If you have submitted your dance piece, you can use the link of the touringcalendar to submit its tour dates. This link can be resubmitted at any time as soon as new tour dates between October 2022 and July 2023 are fixed.


Contact the jury secretary:

Noémie Delfgou:

©Brigitte Fässler

Successful Swiss Dance Days in Basel!

What seemed absurd two months ago actually happened, and was a success! The risk was high, but the Swiss Dance Days actually took place on our partners’ stages: the Kaserne, Theater Basel, junges theater basel, Neues Theater, Vorstadttheater, Roxy, Theater Tempus Fugit and Humbug. In total: this meant 21 shows, most of them sold out, and almost 3500 visitors, an atmosphere of joyful anticipation and intriguing discussions surrounding the events!


We braved the weather as much as the omicron variant, raising glasses of mulled wine and filling theatres. We welcomed and hosted just over 150 national and international presenters in Basel, concentrating on our core mission: making dance and performance events happen, and facilitating their touring in Switzerland and abroad. This also means that many regioal visitors attended the shows. We accomplished showcasing twelve pieces selected by a jury – the Final Selection – and eight artists working in Switzerland who presented their work at the Salons d’artistes. With a heavy heart, we had to forego the parties, so as to make the remaining events as safe as possible.  All this gives us optimism for the dramatic arts and dance in particular.


The side events focused on the younger audience in a well-attended panel discussion. There was also a network meeting hosted by the cultural departments of the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, with the goal of overcoming triregional borders. Finally, the format of international dance platforms was reflected upon – together with performing artists, Pro Helvetia and presenters from Switzerland and abroad. Conclusions from this event and their impact on the next edition of the Swiss Dance Days will be communicated at a later date.