Edition 2009

The Swiss Contemporary Dance Days 2009
22-25.01.2009 in Bellinzona, Chiasso, Locarno, Lugano, Verscio, Val Mesolcina

The Swiss Contemporary Dance Days 2009, take place over four days during which almost ten Swiss dance companies will perform recent creations in nine venues in Ticino and for the «site-specific» projects also in Val Mesolcina. The Swiss Contemporary Dance Days 2009 will thus provide a unique opportunity to witness the essence of dance in our country.

Jury 2009
Felizitas Ammann, Patrick Comte, Sandrine Kuster, Roberto Maggini, Roger Merguin, Alya Stürenburg, Catja Loepfe, Jana Ulmann.

Städte Chiasso, Lugano und Locarno, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Teatro Dimitri Verscio, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Theater Chur.