Cultural mediation program

Further insights

New to the 2019 edition, a program of cultural mediation will accompany Swiss Dance Days and offer a glimpse into emerging artistic practices in Switzerland.


The four invited mediation projects focus on the audience as active participants at the heart of cultural institutions. The varied activities of the different groups are intended to create a platform for exchange and dialogue that can be discovered throughout the four-day event. Also on the agenda is a workshop dedicated to exploring our perceptive capacities, which further underscores what the mediation projects have to say about our extraordinary ability to see in diverse ways.

The Collectif (c)ouverture

As place that advocates free expression, the theatre doesn’t end at the stage door. Whether transported or disgusted, we rarely come out after a show without something to say. The Collectif (c) ouverture invites the audience into discussion by creating an ephemeral and modular salon in the heart of the different theatres. Transformed into the stage’s antechamber, the salons welcome fresh, emotional and eager dialogue during moments of exchange with various programmed artists. The space-time unfolds casually over a drink, in a friendly atmosphere enjoyable even for those not taking part. The form is open, the discussions highly recommended and love an imperative.


Nomadic for Swiss Dance Days, the collective is comprised of six art enthusiasts from different backgrounds, created upon an invitation from the Arsenic.


Follow the Collectif (c)ouverture’s post-performance activities after:

We. 6.2, 20h, Arsenic — Sekunden später...

Thu. 7.2, 20h30, Sévelin 36 — Actéon

Fri. 8.2, 19h, Arsenic — This Is My Last Dance

Sa. 9.2, 20h, Arsenic — Where Do You Wanna Go Today (Variations)


Meeting in the foyer 20 minutes after the shows.


For more information about the Collectif: FacebookInstagram

The Voyeurs

A new group of Voyeurs has recently formed in Geneva, joining an ever-growing community. The project originated in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and has considerably developed over the last six years. A group of young people between 15 and 30 years old regularly meet to discover different theatre and dance pieces. Assiduous spectators, the participants meet at the theatre once a week over an entire year. The highlight of the show? The time they share after each performance enjoying and discussing what

they’ve seen. This intensive program is complemented by workshops and other moments of artistic encounter and exchange: a totally immersive experience for a group of passionate young people.


Swiss Dance Days is an opportunity for group members from Geneva, St. Gallen, Basel and Zurich to come together.


For more information about The Voyeurs:


CultuRadio offers the opportunity for radio and contemporary artistic creation to come together. It is an occasion for amateurs of radio to adventure into training sessions that culminate in the broadcast of live emissions from the heart of various performing arts festivals. The participants endeavour to invent a personalised way of discussing different performances and other works that they perhaps know nothing about. Without giving them any interpretational keys and no aspiration to turn them into experts, the philosophy behind the project is about accompanying the participants in their discovery and allowing them to express what they have understood and seen.


CultuRadio travels throughout the canton and has inspired similar versions of the concept in other regions of Switzerland.


To listen to CultuRadio live :

Fri. 8.2, 18h-20h, in the courtyard of the Arsenic

Sa. 9.2, 18h-20h, in the courtyard of Vidy


Or by podcast:

Around the table with the theatre’s friends

The Association «Ami.e.s du Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne» (Friends of Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne) is made up of audience members who wish to hone their knowledge and share their enjoyment of the performing arts. Benefitting from privileged exchanges with the theatre staff and invited artists, they in turn wish to share all that a cultural institution has to offer with a larger audience. To this end the Association proposes different events. One such event that habitually takes place after performances has become a favourite: a table is set up in the theatre’s foyer and is reserved for friends, like a «Stammtisch». Everyone is welcome to sit down and share their first impressions of a performance, discuss their questions and opinions in a convivial atmosphere.


Join the friends’ table after the following performances :

We. 6.2, 19h30, Vidy — Speechless Voices

Fri. 8.2, 20h, Vidy — Dancewalk – Rétroperspectives

Sa. 9.2, 19h, Vidy — Requiem For A Piece Of Meat


For more information about the activities proposed by the Ami.e.s :

Close your eyes - Atelier

In this workshop Susanne Mueller Nelson invites you to watch a performance like you’ve never watched before. Thanks to the different somatic techniques proposed in this workshop you can analyse your visual habits in order to learn how to adopt new perspectives and broaden your perceptive capacities. To best appreciate the influence the sensitization has had on your perception, it is a practice worth experiencing before going to see a performance.
Susanne Mueller Nelson is a dancer and Feldenkrais® practitioner. Based in Bienne, she teaches dance and conducts research projects in mediation.
Sa. 9.2, 18h–19h30, at the Arsenic

The workshop is open to participants from all backgrounds.

Duration : 1h30

Price : 15.- CHF all included (workshop, shuttle bus and performance)