Programme for presenters

Workshop: Future of Dance Platforms

Over the last 20 years, national dance platforms have attained stable forms and fixed themselves into a widely used general model. The Swiss Dance Days are no exception to that: although they are being fine-tuned and adapted from edition to edition, the current paradigm is built on a conversation over ten years old. In the meantime, the practices of artists and presenters have rapidly evolved and it is high time we asked ourselves once more where the future of touring is headed, and whether the Swiss Dance Days are still relevant as a promotional tool.


In 2021, Reso and Pro Helvetia therefore started a reflection process towards the Swiss Dance Days 2024 and beyond, in collaboration with a working group of presenters, choreographers and producers from the whole country. We would like to use the opportunity of these Swiss Dance Days 2022 in Basel to extend the conversation to professionals visiting from other countries, and together look into the future of national promotion platforms.
This workshop led by Stéphane Noël (Reso / Materialise) is open to persons interested in sharing their experience and contributing to conceive a new paradigm.


Thu 3.2. 9h30-12h30
Registration required

The event will be held in English.

Where to meet? Festival Lounge – daytime meeting space

The Festival Lounge is located at the junges theater basel (B) and will be the heart of the festival during the Swiss Dance Days, offering a place for exchange in a relaxed atmosphere, a retreat between two performances and the perfect spot to end the evening. Refreshments will be available. For warm meals, we recommend consulting the Festival Map, which includes restaurant recommendations around the individual performance venues.
In addition to the Festival Lounge, the Foyer Public of the Theater Basel (D) is also available as a meeting point during the festival.

Opening Reception with Apéro riche

The festival will open with speaches from XXXX on the main stage, followed by a performance of Sorry, do the Tour. Again! of Marco Berrettini. Beforehand there will be a cocktail reception from 6 to 7.30pm.


Wed 2.2. 18h
Opening reception with Apéro riche
(A) KASERNE BASEL Rossstall 1& 2