Salons d'artistes

The Salons d’artistes offer eight choreographers not featured in the jury’s programme an opportunity to present past and future works. In doing so, they are accompanied by one jury member or the artistic director who are familiar with their output. The presentation may take the form of discourse or performance, and the sessions are clustered during the mornings. The programme is targeted towards national and international presenters and aims to inspire future cooperations.

The Salons d’artistes first took place during the 2017 Swiss Dance Days in Geneva; they were repeated successfully in Lausanne in 2019. For the Basel edition of the festival, artists have been invited who also specialize in creating dance for young audiences.
Open for presenters only. Registration required.




Fri, 4.2. 9h-11h30

Lea Moro

Company Weingartner/Lindh

Perrine Valli

Claire Dessimoz


Sat, 5.2. 9h-11h30

Cosima Grand

Johanna Heusser

Christine Daigle (ehemals CIE Ici`Bas)

Marion Zurbach



© Tina Ruisinger

Lea Moro

Accompanied by Catja Loepfe, Tanzhaus Zürich

The Swiss choreographer and culturalmanager Lea Moro creates performative works since 2013, which are touring internationally. Her latest production All Our Eyes Believe is for young audience. She completed a further education in «Systemic Organizational Development» at artop - the Humboldt-Universität Berlin and in 2019/20 she participated in the program «Curating in the Performing Arts» at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. She has held teaching posts at DOCH – School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, University of the Arts in Helsinki, HZT Berlin and Manufacture Lausanne. She funded and curates the platform Work it Out and is appointed production dramaturge at Tanzhaus Zurich.

© Susanna Drescher

Company Weingartner/Lindh

Accompanied by Sandro Lunin, Kaserne Basel and jury member

Swiss dancer Rebecca Weingartner and Swedish dancer Benjamin Lindh Medin founded the company Lindh & Weingartner in 2019, based in Basel. Together they develop an idiosyncratic, dynamic style of dance and performance, drawing from their diverse artistic backgrounds, which include contemporary dance, hip-hop, music and physical theater. The Company Lindh & Weingartner's first production for a young audience EQUALITY! was created in 2020 in cooperation with RESO Laboratory for Young Audience in co-production with ROXY Birsfelden. EQUALITY! is currently on tour. 2021 Rebecca Weingartner received the cultural award in dance from Kanton Baselland.

© Christian Lutz

Perrine Valli

Accompanied by Adriana Almeida Pees, Theater Freiburg and jury member

Geneva based, French/Swiss choreographer, Perrine Valli trained at the Lyon CNSMD, the CDCN in Toulouse and the London Contemporary Dance School before undergoing several internships, in particular in the United States. At age 25 she set up her own company, Association Sam-Hester. Valli has since produced around twenty dance pieces including Je pense comme une fille enlève sa robe, Si dans cette chambre un ami attend..., Une femme au soleil and Cloud. In 2016, Une femme au soleil was selected by the Swiss Selection in Avignon to be presented in the OFF Avignon Festival at CDCN Les Hivernales. In 2018, a book about her choreographic work was published by Éditions Riveneuve.

© Helene Chiron Puissant

Claire Dessimoz

Accompanied by Eric Vautrin, Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

Claire Dessimoz (*1988) is committed to a practice of «the small and the subtle». She works with bodies and what they communicate – through their presence on stage or through their words, which she captures and restitutes with precision. Her work deals with community and social issues. How can we live alongside each other and leave space for diversity, mistakes and disagreements?

Never dogmatic, she offers intricate but joyful pieces, shaking up preconceptions and certitudes, and above all, showing things in the full range of their complexity, actively fighting against shortcuts and oversimplification.

She premiered CURRENT CURRENTS, her fourth piece in July 2021 at Arsenic Lausanne (where she was in residency from 2017 to 2020). She is working on her next piece for 2023.

Cosima Grand

Accompanied by Julien Jacquérioz, TLH-Sierre

Cosima Grand graduated from CNDC in Angers, directed by Emanuelle Huynh. She was a member of Cie Marchepied in Lausanne. Grand studied multilingual communication in Geneva and theater studies and sociolinguistics in Berne. She collaborates and performs with i.a. Aina Alegre, Simone Truong, Chris Leuenberger and Jessica Huber.
Her own work covers T-R-A-N-S (Cosima Grand and Pia Campos, 2011), Me, myself and I (Cosima Grand and Sabrina Zimmermann, 2013), BeMyselfAndDie (Cosima Grand and Davide Prudente, 2013), CTRL-V (EP) (2nd prize PREMIO 2015), CTRL-V (LP) (2016), Hitchhiking through Winterland (2018), Restless Beings (2021).
Cosima is co-founder of Residenz Tanz Leuk. 2015 she was rewarded with the cultural promotion award from the Kanton Wallis and 2020 she receives a cultural award from the city of Zurich.

Johanna Heusser

Accompanied by Katharina Germo, Roxy Theater Birsfelden

Since her graduation at the HF ZUB in Zürich, Basel based dancer Johanna Heusser is working with different companies and choreographers around Switzerland. She teaches dance and yoga internationally. Since 2016 she is creating her own works, which are shown at theaters and dance festivals around Europe. Johanna is winner of Atelier Mondial in 2018 and Double Tanz 2020. Her work positions itself at the intersection between dance and theatre. She is interested in cultural practices that focus on the body and its cultural connotation as well as questioning her own position as a white dancer and how a neoliberal system has an impact on her work and body.

© Massimiliano Rossetto

Christine Daigle

Accompanied by Rares Donca, L'Abri, Geneva and jury member

Christine Daigle graduates in 2014 from Montreal contemporary dance school. In parallel of working with O Vertigo Company (CA), she develops a growing interest for flying and acrobatic movement. In 2016, she co-created the Company Ici’bas (CH) who combined dance, circus, and performative arts. They created and toured internationally three outdoor, in situ and indoor projects. She now dedicates her time to collaborative work with Tumbleweed (BE), Un loup pour l’Homme (FR), Barcode (FR) and Natacha Kierbel (FR) and as a co-director of the Association of associated circus companies (CH).

© Gregory Batardon

Marion Zurbach

Accompanied by Anneli Binder, Dampfzentrale Bern

Marion Zurbach started her training at the École Nationale Supérieure de Danse in Marseille, before moving on to the École-Atelier Rudra Béjart Lausanne. From 2003 to 2015 she worked, amongst others, for the Ballet National de Marseille and the Konzert Theater Bern. In 2015, Zurbach founded the Bern-based artistic association Unplush. Since its creation, Unplush has collaborated regularly with the Dampfzentrale Bern, toured in Switzerland and abroad and was awarded the June Johnson Dance Price in 2019. In 2018, Marion completed her Master of Theatre and Performance degree at Bern University of the Arts (HKB). In 2020/21, she created Les promises, a piece made with teenage women from the northern districts of Marseille. In 2021 she is currently working on the new creation Biche.